We are proud to offer PWR!Moves, a Parkinson’s-specific exercise program with a focus on functional mobility. Our PD-specialized physical therapist will implement comprehensive PD-specific functional training that is research informed.

PWR!Moves is a Parkinson-specific exercise program with a focus on functional mobility, to keep you moving and doing more of what you want to do! As you practice, you will be challenged physically and cognitively while working on fitness goals: strength, balance, agility, aerobics, and flexibility. The exercises are designed to improve your fitness, counteract your PD symptoms, and increase your daily activity. This whole body, function-focused exercise approach will push you to do more than you think you can. Let us create a personalized exercise prescription for you. This program is offered one-on-one with a BFPT physical therapist.

BFPT has partnered with the Eastside YMCA to offer PWR!Moves in a small group format. You need to be of member to take advantage of this program at the YMCA. For more information you may call the Eastside YMCA at (585) 241-4000.

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