The Otago Exercise Program (OEP)

The Otago exercise program is an evidenced-based program which consists of 17 strength and balance exercises and a walking program, performed three times a week by an older adult. Studies demonstrate that OEP participants experience a 35 – 40% reduction in falls. Otago was developed in New Zealand and is a wonderful program for adults 80 years and older who have moderate to severe decreased strength and balance due to arthritis, de-conditioning, or inactivity. This program is offered one-on-one with a BFPT physical therapist.

BFPT has partnered with Lifespan to offer a community-based Otago exercise program in a group format. The program will be offered several times per year at different locations throughout Monroe County. The community-based group classes are free of charge.

For more information you may call Lifespan at (585) 244-8400.

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